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Public Address System
PA Accessories
PA Amplifiers
ZK Software
Worlds renowned, time tested, rugged and reliable amplifiers: sterling quality without compromise!

Passed down from generations to generations.... users & installers alike testify the reliability of AHUJA amplifiers
Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone
Microphone are the first and most visible part in most public address system. Outsourcing sound reproduction requires outstanding microphones.

AHUJA offers a wide range of microphones: dynamic and condensor, handheld and lavaliere, cabled & wireless... an outstanding microphone for each & every application.
Speakers have the unique and exacting responsibility to reproduce the electrical sound signal faithfully. Also the reliability and ruggedness of speaker is a vital issue in sound system reliability.

Ahuja speakers are designed for excellent sound reproduction under all conceivable conditions. High power speakers, sub-woofers, horn speakers, wall speakers, ceiling speakers, garden speakers, sound projectors, AHUJA has speakers for all applications.
Counter Communication System
2Way Counter Communication System
exclusively designed for easy and effective conversation across counters with transparent security barriers. Easy, hassle- free installation.