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Intelligent Fire Alarm Panels
Fire Alarm
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IThe FX-350-60-DR Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel is a single loop addressable panel that supports up to 60 addressable points. The FX-350-60-DR is equipped with a two line by 20 character backlit LCD display, numerical keypad and an integrated UDACT/Digital Communicator. The LCD display allows for 32 characters to be configured for user defined messages. In addition the FX-350 Series family also includes remote LED and LCD annunciators.
Secutron's MR-2100 and MR-2200 intelligent addressable fire alarm control panels provide flexible and cost effective operation to satisfy system requirements for both economy and capability. Their modular design assures that as system needs and applicable codes evolve, fire alarm control panel functions can be updated as required. MR-2100 provides a Single Addressable Input Signaling •Line Circuit (SLC) for up to 198 Addressable Devices, MR-2200 provides Dual Addressable Input Signaling •Line Circuits for up to 396 Addressable Devices
FX-2000 Enhanced Series
The FX-2000 Series is ideal for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. The base system consists of one analog loop and four indicating circuits. In addition the base system supports conventional hard wired modules. With its flexible modular design, the FX-2000 Series can be configured to meet challenging requirements without compromising its easy installation and operation.
FX-2000 Standard Series
Mircom’s FX-2000 Series Intelligent Analog Fire Alarm Control Panel is designed to provide maximum flexibility of analog system requirements while also providing easy installation and operation at a costeffective price. The FX-2000 base panel consists of one intelligent analog loop controller capable of supporting 99 Analog Sensors and 99 Addressable Modules which can be wired in Class A (Style 6 or 7) or Class B (Style 4). The system can be expanded by adding additional Analog Loop Controller Modules.