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IT Infrastructure Solutions
UTP-CAT5/6-Structured Cabling
ZK Software
Structured cabling is the foundation of a successful intelligent Building Network and the basic investment on which all other network equipment depend. When you plan and design facility, you are building the infrastructure on which the entire enterprise will rely. The physical infrastructure is the foundation of your business and its strength and reliability is crucial. Be sure your strong foundation includes "ITLOGIX a professionals in providing cabling infrastructure, design, installation, product, warranty and technical support services.
Switches & Routers
A computer network exists where two or more computers are linked together to share data and/or hardware or software resources. A network switch is an integral part of any local area network and is responsible for providing connectivity between various network segments, along with the control of data traffic within the terminals. A switch primarily operates on the layer 2 or data link layer of an OSI model, but it may also operate over layer 3. There are switches which operate over multiple levels and perform all the functions of a router.
Servers & Storage
HP's unified server/storage management strategy is designed to reduce both management and administrative overhead. After all, business is best served when IT staff spends more time managing the data, rather than the resource. HP Storage delivers simple, affordable, reliable business outcomes to help bridge the gap between data explosion and your IT infrastructure
Network Cabinet & Racks
NetRack offers a full lifecycle of services to Store, Secure, Streamline and Systemize passive and active network components like Lab Tables, KVM Switches, Customized Racks, Telecom Racks and Floor Mount Racks, Network Enclosures, Server Enclosures etc, in order to help simplify and optimize your system utilization, and enable your business to adapt quickly and dynamically to variable environments.