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Security Alarm Detectors
Wireless Solutions
Wireless PIR Detector
High quality sealed optical path
Three step remote sensitivity adjustment
Battery diagnostics
Remote configuration
Replaceable Fresnel lenses
Adjustable mounting bracket included
Tamper protection against opening and removing from mounting surface
Up to 15kg pet immunity configuration option
Wireless Magnetic Contact
Two reed contacts for easy installation
Terminals for connecting external detector
Remote configuration
Tamper protection
Remote Controller
Working Voltage: 12V27A
Standby Current: < 5uA
Emit Current: < 10mA
Wireless Emit Frequency:433.92 MHz
Emit Distance: 1-300m(in open area)
Wireless Smoke Detector
Standby current: 10Amps
Alarm current: 30Amps
Temperature range: -10 - 50oC
Alarm density: 0.65 - 1.55%FT
Alarm volume: 85dB in 3-meter distance
ABS fire resistant plastic case