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Security Alarm Panels
Wireless Solutions
LCD Intelligent Alarm Panel
16-zone (8 wireless and 8 wired) with 4 x 4 keyboard and lattice LCD display; 8 partitions can be programmed independently; 8 remote controllers and 8 ; user codes can be programmed for 8 partition to ARM/DISARM independently ; Auto dial 5 telephone numbers ; Option for ARM/DISARM and system status report or not; Both AC 220V and 12V, 7Ah rechargeable battery power supplied; and change automatically; the backup battery can work 24 hours or more in standby; Remote arm, disarm, monitor, and on-site alarm setup ; Telephone lightningproof
Intelligent Alarm Panel
12-zones (8 wireless and 4 wired), 8 wireless zones can be expanded up to 24 sensors. Access codes, 1 installer code, 1 master code, 8 common user codes and address codes. Dial 5 telephone numbers. Phone line be cut or short-circuit will send an alarm. Remote Arm, Disarm, monitor and on-site alarm setup. Two timers can be set to Arm/ Disarm independently. Both AC220V and 12V 1.2AH storage battery power supply, and change automatically. Telephone lightingproof.
Intelligent Alarm Panel
16 wireless zones & 4 wired zones, The 4 wired zones will share wireless zone from 12-16 zone. Each wireless zone for one Detector. Can program 8 remote controllers. 8 preset phone number, users can program for common phone or CONTACT ID.Can program AT HOME/ AWAY HOME. Can perform ARM/DISARM, activate siren, monitor and display record when process alarm phone. Can command alarm panel remotely. 20 seconds for voice record. Support 8 telephone and message
Wireless Telephone Alarm System
It stands for wireless siren With normal open and normal close alarm output to link with the alarm sound It can play 20 seconds of records when alarm dailing, 24 wireless detectors and 8 remote controllers can be learned, and it learns code automatically and wirelessly. 8 groups of telephone numbers can be set, 4 levels of alarm volume are adjustable, and it also can be set to be mute. Delay arm time, delay alarm time are modifiable.